~~"Buddies" and friends~~
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By clicking this link, you will see my first effort at podcasting.As you see this might be fun.

Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too.
I have been involved with an 18-member Brads Buddies group for about 8 years,
We just about all things that can be done in e-mail,Up to recently, we used
Netscape as our Brouser. Some of us have added Outlook Express 6 because
of its added diversity.
The leader of the group is Brad Kidder of California, Brad takes a very personal
interest in each of us.
This is my first domain that I just initiated Nov.15. I hope you will pay me a visit
E-mail me at
Just call me Larry

My Favorites Today

Favorite sports team: New England Patriots

My Hobbies

At 79 years of age, I limit my sports to swimming and calisthenics.
Actully, my spend most of my time reading computer manuals
and spending time on the computer.

Most Admired

My brother--Irwin G. Zaetz

Hello everyone~~
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Space Galaxies

Brads Mirc

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Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:

My Helpfull Buddies

Let me introduce you to Seth~
Seth is my super friend-I've known him for a long time.

Lynn-Super Artist
Always helpfull


This is Joanne-super Buddie-always helpfull


Where has everyone gone?

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As you see, not much inginuity created here,but with
all the Buddies looking on and Brad looking over my
shoulder, together with my involvement with Css and possibly Dreamweaver, I'm hoping you might visit this
page from time to time.This site was for the most part,
done by the site builder.Yes, please comment freely.